The Lark's Death

Year of composition : 2008




2 Flutes, Clarinet, Percussions (2 Players) ,Guitar, Piano, 2 Violin, Viola, Cello, Double-bass

Bass Voice


Text in Persian by Fanous Bahadorvand



The Lark's death  was written as a part of composer's master degree in Tehran university of Art and has been published in a collective album by "Ava Khorshid Records in 2015.


مرگ چکاوک


کنار نیزار

بر شاخه ای خشک

چکاوک بی قرار چرخی زد

گلوگاهش خاموش

بی صدا

در سکوت سرد زمستان

بر مرداب افتاد.


فانوس بهادروند