Rouzbeh Rafie was born in Iran in 1981. 

He received formal musical training at the Tehran university of art with Sharif Lotfi and Kiawasch SahebNassagh. 

Later in 2011 he moved to Rome to study with Rosario Mirigliano at Rome Conservatory (Conservatorio di musica Santa Cecilia di Roma) and from 2015 he studied  at National academy of Santa Cecilia (Accademia nazionale di Santa Cecilia) with Ivan Fedele and in 2018 graduated from the academy with the maximum mark . He had also the opportunity to study with Salvatore Sciarrino (2014-2015 at Respighi Conservatory ) and Tuivo Tulev (2014). 

His music has been performed in different festivals like Festival Contrasti (Trento) Nuova Consonanza (Rome) and different places among them Sala Accademica (Rome Conservatory) Parco della musica (Rome) Sala Casella (Rome Philharmonic) Sala Solti (Budapest Conservatory) Roudaki Hall (Tehran) Austrian cultural forum (Rome). 

He also collaborated with different ensembles, musicians and artists like Ensemble Contemporanea di Parco della musica (ECPM) conducted by Tonino Battista , Ensemble 900 conducted by Carlo Rizzari , Trio 3:00 , Ensemble Imago Sonora, Ensemble Nivak , MP Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble Moto Contrario, Paolo Ravaglia (Clarinet) Gianni Trovalusci (flute) Bianca Fiorito (flute), Daniele Dian (Clarinet) Rebecca Taio (Flute) Emanuele Dalmaso (Saxophone), Kelariz Keshavarz (Flute) Corinna Lenneis (Theatre director) Éva Patkó (Theatre director) Daniele Moroni (Conductor) and Jacopo Lazzaretti (Guitar).

The main theme of his musical research is the problem of language in the post language desolation era. 

This research brings him a particular focus on concepts such as archetypes, memory and perception of time.