Events 2023

International Symposium MIKROTÖNE ~ MICROTONES


Andrii Brahin in Kharkiv Guitar quartet concert performs

Ãb-Bãng for solo Guitar 

Sacellum, University Salzburg, Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

29 June 2023 - 8 PM


Kokonainen Musequal Festival- 8th. Edition


World premiere of String trio commissioned by Musequal Festival by Linda Soulahti (Violin), Mari Viluksela (viola) and 

Anni kallioniemi (Cello)

Friday 11th of August, 6pm

Seuranaukio 3, 12400 Tervakoski, Finland

NEMA Ensemble at Accademia Chigiana summer festival


World premiere of Suedama by NEMA Ensemble conducted by Cosimo Abbate 

Saturday 12th of August, 9:15 PM

Rocca di Montestaffoli, San Gimignano, Italy

The Four Flutes Project - Out of the Ordinary

Laura Bersani performs "The Sleepwalker's sonnet" for solo Flute.

24 Septembre 2023- 7 PM

St. Johann Konstanz Brückengasse 1B 78462 Konstanz Germany

Rund um Chaconne: Im Wandel der Zeit - Out of the Ordinary

Piercarlo Sacco performs Chaconne for solo Violin

19 Novembre 2023 - 7 PM

St. Johann Konstanz Brückengasse 1B 78462 Konstanz Germany



Stockholm - Kozerthset, The Grünewald Hall

Kati Raitinen performs "Karãn" for cello and live electronics

Joséphine Olech performs "Silhouette" for flute solo

Monday 20 November 2023, 9 PM


Ensemble Altrevoci at Carme Brescia

Laura Bersani performs The Sleepwalker's Sonnet 

Saturday 25 Novembre, 6 PM

Via delle Battaglie, 61/1, Brescia, Italy

 Around Chaconne through the ages

Piercarlo Sacco performs Chaconne for solo violin.

9/12/2023 - 5 PM

MO.CA - Centro per le nuove culture, Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni, Via Moretto 78, Brescia

Organised by Salotto in Prova in collaboration with Fondazione Luigi Piseri