The City of Melania

Instrumentation : Alto Flute solo

Duration : 6' 45" ca.

Year of Composition : 2020

Commissioned by Sara Minelli 

Premiered by Sara Minelli , Spring 2020, London

“At Melania, every time you enter the square, you find yourself caught in a dialogue: the braggart soldier and the parasite coming from a door meet the young wastrel and the prostitute; or else the miserly father from his threshold utters his final warnings to the amorous daughter and is interrupted by the foolish servant who is taking a note to the procuress. You return to Melania after years and you find the same dialogue still going on; in the meanwhile the parasite has died, and so have the procuress and the miserly father; but the braggart soldier, the amorous daughter, the foolish servant have taken their places, being replaced in their turn by the hypocrite, the confidante, the astrologer.”

Excerpt From

Invisible Cities (transl. William Weaver)

Italo Calvino