For Cello and electronics

Duration 12' ca.

year of composition 2021


Karân in old Persian means corner or edge, but nowadays, if one asks a Persian speaker what it means, the answer would probably be the border, frontier, or even large. The transformation of meaning, in my opinion, has something to do with the concept of the horizon. The horizon is the corner of the sky and earth, and since this corner is so vast, it brings up an idea of vastness. The piece was inspired by a haiku by the great Japanese poet of the seventeenth century, Matsuo Bashō.

On the horizon,

no hint of imminent death:

Cicadas crying


This poetic description of twilight as the death of light can be interpreted as a more intimate and personal glance at the death.


Premiered at Kokonainen-Musequal music festival, 7th. Edition by Kati Raitinen

21/05/2021 - Janakkala Church, Finland