For Solo Clarinet

Duration 8' Ca.

Year of Composition: 2023


Program Notes


The vibration of air is the basis of sound production in wood wind instruments. As a result, the sound of air always reminds me of the sound of wind. On the other hand, some of the earliest forms of music were produced by aerophone instruments.

This composition is a contemplation of how an archaic and natural sound like air can be formed into something as complex and polished as the clarinet sound. The work involves three sections; it starts by probing how to turn natural air noise into musical sound. In part two 'echo' - one of nature's most musical occurrences - constitutes the foundation. Finally in this last movement we examine what gives birth to Melody using a dual-note pattern (a stepping down minor 2nd). At once this final section serves as returning back to that initial point; Air sound.

Air-Sound digital score (PDF)

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