And the rest is dust and stardust

Instrumentation : String Quartet

Duration: 9' ca.

Year of composition : 2019


Program Note:




“The rest is rust and stardust” is a quote from Nabokov’s Lolita.  Although in Lolita is a kind of reflection on our inevitable return to dust and stardust but in my string quartet it’s more like an image of the Memory’s machine. Such a delicate complex mechanism which at the first sight looks like  a texture made by all those microscopic particles; A texture like  rusted iron or surface of a dune, When you get closer and closer to this texture to see how those particles work, you will be amazed by the relations between them. All those small particles they melt, they make strange connections  between eachother and they repeat some idée fixe that makes a Cantus firmus for life.  And through all these connections and repetitions  they make their own truth. Such a complex texture of particles that under the weight of its own complexity makes a whole subjective world.